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“The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” campaign from Old Spice has generated over 100 million views online with more than 20,000 comments on all of the videos created, and is a great example of humor done right.  But before we get to the Top 10 Old Spice Guy Video Responses, let’s take 30 seconds to go back and remember the video that started the whole thing:

I laugh at that every time. Now on to the Top 10 (out of over 150) of the Old Spice Guy Video Responses:

10. Re: Anonymous
The random props are great… where did they come from?

9, Re: April Johnson Allen
Hold on, he’s talking to the Internet.

8. Re: @MrBabyMan
I wish he would have spent more time commenting on names like this one.

7. Re: @knitmeapony
The fact you could actually edit this to create a custom voice message is hilarious to me.

6. Re: Alyssa_Milano 4
All 4 of the Alyssa Milano videos are great, but the last one sums up the entire exchange.

5. Re: @kevinrose
The combination of Kevin Rose and the Old Spice Guy is unfathomable.

4. Re: @aplusk
It’s not so much the small hands that are healing, but the humor provided from these videos.

3. Re: 12755JDH
This one surprised me the most when he gave his response.

2. Re: @Jsbeals
I don’t know if this was for real, but it was definitely funny.

1. Re: Everyone
I agree that all great things must come to an end, and they went out on a high note.

Of course there are tons of other great ones as well, you can view them all here.

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