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Do you work in an office where everyone thinks they’re a comedian? Even worse, does the same person think it’s a great idea to prank you all the time? Well, it’s payback time and payback is a… well we’ll say it’s unpleasant!

Here are top 10 office pranks that you can use, so fellow co-workers…beware!

10. Booby Trapping the Hole Puncher

What it does: It bursts a liquid over pieces of paper that are placed inside the hole puncher.
Warning: Be careful with this office prank as it could ruin extremely important document.
How to do it: The idea is to sellotape ketchup packets or even fake blood capsules to the inside of a hole puncher. The next person to then use it will pop the packets and get ketchup/blood all over their document.

9. Glue the Lids of all the Pens


What it does: It stops your co-worker from using any pen that has a lid.
How to do it: Super glue all the lids to all of their pens so your co-worker can’t use their pens. Just make sure you bring your own pens and don’t glue works. Otherwise you may find yourself in the boss’s office – unless of course they are in on the gag too.

8. Optical Mouse: Scotch Tape on Optical Sensor

What it does: The Scotch Tape stops the receiver from receiving the optical signal, rendering the mouse useless.
How to do it: Come on, who uses a mechanical mouse? If you just said aloud “I do” then it’s time to get with the 21st century and go optical. Everyone should use optical these days, even your co-workers. And by using a small piece of Scotch Tape (Sellotape may work) and placing it over the optical mouse’s sensor it will stop the mouse from working.

7. Keyboard: Growing Your Own Cress Garden


What it does: It makes your co-worker think that their keyboard is so filthy that vegetation is now growing on it.
How to do it: Garden cress can grow almost everywhere, so what better place to grow some than in your friend’s keyboard? You can either sprinkle some cress seeds in your friend’s keyboard and wait (preferably when they are away on holiday), or you can buy a replica of their keyboard and grown the cress at home and switch the keyboards.

6. Computer Chair: Air Horn Prank

What it does: This office prank makes a very loud noise when your co-worker sits down on their chair.
How to do it: This one may take a little fiddling, but it shouldn’t be too hard to pull off. Simply tie an air horn to the underside of an office chair (one of those that you can alter the height on) with a few tie backs and then wait patiently until your victim arrives. Jut try and not laugh before they sit down though as this is a big giveaway.

5. Welcome to the Cardboard Office


What it does: Makes your co-worker pull a WTF face as they see what you have done to their office.
How to do it: This will take a few hours to prepare and it’s best to try to get the whole office involved (even your boss if he/she is a fun person). Remove all the main PC equipment in the office and make cardboard replicas of everything to replace them with. This should provide a few laughs when everyone sees the victim’s face.

4. Keyboard Melting Through Desk


What it does: The office prank provides your friend with a puzzled face as they wonder how this happened.
How to do it: Now this prank is going to take some serious dedication to pull off. You will carefully need to cut an old keyboard in half (preferably a replica of your friend’s) – make sure it’s at an angle. Then you will need to glue it to the table using hot glue, as it comes off. For added effect, sprinkle a few pieces of sawdust around the keyboard.

3. Install the Troll Face Inside Someone’s Monitor


What it does: It makes the Troll Face (Fuuuuu comics face) appear on the screen and the victim will think it’s a setting on the PC.
How to do it: It will take some work to open up the PC monitor and it’s best to use it on a spare replica. Print the Troll Face at 15% opacity on transparent paper. Now once you have the PC monitor open, place the Troll Face between the LCD screen panel and the backlight panel.

2. Rapid Toilet Paper Dispenser

What it does: Next time your colleague visits the toilet, the toilet paper will automatically unroll itself when it’s touched.
How to do it: Instead of us going on about how to pull this office prank off, simple follow these instructions: How to install the TP dispenser.

1 . Shredded Paper in the Office Cubical


What it does: It clogs up a colleagues’ office cubical with shredded paper so they can’t get to their desk.
How to do it: Most offices use a shredder to destroy important document. If you can, try and get access to this and start saving the shredding in black paper sacks. What’s great it the shredding can be easily compact. When you think you have enough, empty the lot into an unsuspecting colleges’ office cubical. Try to get the boss involved too and tell the victim their first job is to clean up the mess as you don’t think it’s funny.

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