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12 Great Mad Men Poster Remixes

The new Mad Men poster from 2012 has turned into a popular street art target for remixing. Here are 12 of the best Mad Men poster remixes. But first, here's the original Mad Men Season 5 poster: And now on to the remixes:   [...]

censored lines for tv

21 Great Censored-for-TV Lines

The workplace is like Network TV in that you can't swear or be inappropriate. So if you're looking to vent frustration, but want to do it appropriately, take some inspiration from this list of lines from movies that were edited for TV. Note: Since this is a SFW blog, I'm not going to share what [...]

computer shortcuts for evil

10 Computer Shortcuts You Can Use for Evil

In honor of April Fool's Day, here are 10 computer shortcuts you can use for evil pranking a friend. Why would you need to use these? Let's say your friend or co-worker steps away from his desk for just a few minutes (to get more coffee or go to the bathroom) and foolishly leaves his [...]

s#!% girls say

7 Great “S#!% [Professions] Say” Videos

The S#!% [Person] says videos started just before the new year with Sh*t Girls Say - Episode 1, created by Kyle Humphrey & Graydon Sheppard. The video was a humorous look at things girls say, and it touched off a wave of similar videos. Now videos in that same style have become a full-blown internet phenomenon [...]

office supply art

Office Supply Art: 10 Examples of Art Made with Office Supplies

Sure office supplies can be used for getting actual work done, but how much cooler is it when it's used for art? Here are 10 examples of art made with office supplies. 1. Office Supplies X-Wing What do you get when you combine a few binder clips, pen caps, a sharpie and brass fasteners? A [...]

10 Great Quotes on Humor

We recently celebrated the publishing of our first book, and to celebrate we wanted to share some of our favorite humor quotations. If you're interested in more quotes on humor, check out the book, 50 Quotations on Humor. 1. "Humor is mankind's Greatest Blessing." - Mark Twain 2. "A sense of humor is a major [...]

10 Frisson-Inducing Songs (And the Definition of Frisson)

Frisson is a word that comes from French meaning “a sudden, passing sensation of excitement; a shudder of emotion;” It can often be felt when listening to particularly moving songs, or emotionally fraught moments in movies. Also real life, but it’s hard to link to real life. Of course, frisson is hard to explain, but easy [...]

10 Hidden Messages Logos

A company's logo can represent a lot of things. It can just be something we use to identify a brand, it can give us a sense of what their brand is about, or it can have some hidden meaning that alludes to the company's mission or heritage. Here are 10 logos with hidden messages. 1 [...]

commencement addresses

10 Best Commencement Addresses from Comedians

10. Jon Stewart @ William & Mary [2004] Good message on accepting that not everything will be perfect. 9. Tina Fey @ Fieldston High School [2008] Some great rules from improvisation and how it applies to life. (Video quality is not great, incomplete.) 8. Will Ferrell @ Harvard [2003] Scattered through the hilarity that is [...]

5 Great GLENNZ Illustrations

Humorous illustrations from graphic designer Glenn Jones (artist handle GLENNZ). You can find more (and buy them as t-shirts) from his website, GLENNZ TEES. 1. Ransom Magazine 2. Computer Trash 3. Super Glue 4. Daily Chug 5. Clairvoyant Club [...]