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s#!% girls say

The S#!% [Person] says videos started just before the new year with Sh*t Girls Say – Episode 1, created by Kyle Humphrey & Graydon Sheppard. The video was a humorous look at things girls say, and it touched off a wave of similar videos. Now videos in that same style have become a full-blown internet phenomenon, filling the internet with videos of people walking and talking just like little Rory Calhouns.

To keep this somewhat work-related, here are 7 videos that show what various professions are saying. Warning: These videos are Mostly Safe for Work (aside from a few curse words).

1. Lobbyists

Hopefully this isn’t what’s actually being said behind closed doors in D.C.

2. Web Designers

These people work hard every day to help make sure we have an Internet to goof around on.

3. Creative Directors

Apparently this is what managing creatives leads to.

4. Scientists

This might explain why we don’t have flying cars yet. Or superpowers.

5. Project Managers

I was going to write a quip here, but it was out of scope.

6. Bartenders

This guy needs to figure out some way to unwind after work.

7. Programmers

It’s only right that the programmer take on this meme is a subversion of the original idea.

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