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12 Inspirational Lyrics from Hip Hop

When it comes to music, hip-hop gets a bad rap (pun intended).  The stereotype is that all rap songs are about money, drugs, and/or women.  And while that's true for a lot of the songs that make it to the radio and the clubs, there are a number songs that can be inspiring and motivating [...]

Unintentionally Profound Life Advice from Machines

You never know where inspiration is going to come from. It could be a book you read, a moment you witness, or a line you read in the instruction manual of a product. Wait, what was that last one? Turns out there's an entire blog dedicated to life advice from machines. Here are my seven [...]

new yorker cartoons

7 Favorite New Yorker Cartoons

Robert Mankoff, editor of the New Yorker Cartoons, recently posted 74 of reader's favorite New Yorker Cartoons. Here are 7 of my favorite favorites. Check out the whole list here. It's Always Good Dog That We Succeed Escher Construction Stopping Reply All In and Out Bell Realization Versed in PowerPoint [...]

50 states 50 songs

50 Best Songs About the 50 States

Sure every state has their official song, but the true love for one's home comes in the form of pop songs about the 50 states. Here are the best songs about each of the 50 states (note: some were easier to find than others). 50 Best Songs About the 50 States "Sweet Home Alabama" by [...]


18 Inspirational Quotes on Goal Setting

In addition to curating content here, I also train people on using humor in the workplace. I recently gave a training on communication and was looking for a quotation that expressed the importance of having an agenda in meetings. I ultimately went with: "There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not [...]

Top 10 Office Pranks

Do you work in an office where everyone thinks they’re a comedian? Even worse, does the same person think it’s a great idea to prank you all the time? Well, it’s payback time and payback is a... well we'll say it's unpleasant! Here are top 10 office pranks that you can use, so fellow co-workers…beware [...]

10 Life Hacks That Will Make You More Efficient

Often times we go through life doing things the way our parents or friends did them, or the way we just figured out on our own. That's not always to most effective way to get things done. Here are "tutorials" for 10 hacks to make life more efficient. Pulling from the stem of a banana [...]

best secret handshakes

21 Best “Secret” Handshakes

The handshake dates back to at least the 5th Century BC, but likely not quite in the capacity shown below. Coming from baseball, basketball, football and TV, these secret handshakes can inspire us all to shake the hands of our peers more creatively. Note: It may take a second for all of the gifs to [...]

typography art

12 Incredible Examples of Typography Art

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. For these images, it's more true than ever. Here are 12 incredible examples of using typography as art. 1. Martin Luther King Jr Typography Art The words of the "I Have a Dream Speech" used to create a Martin Luther King portait. (Jonas Fleuraime) 2. Typography [...]

4 Early Tonight Show Appearances of Famous Comedians

The Huffington Post shared a great article on Legendary Tonight Show Debuts. Here are some of the best early appearances from comedians. 1. George Carlin Here's video of George Carlin on the Tonight Show when he was still doing his clean act (with no beard and short hair). 2. Eddie Murphy Eddie was already on [...]