The funniest office humor from the world wide web.
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Math for Grownups

It’s all about the mental math.

Perspective from a Fishing Lure

Someone attached a camera to a fishing lure before casting it out. The resulting video (technically a gif) is incredible:

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Hungry? Thirsty? Lonely?

A little sign humor from the World’s End bar in Edinburgh.

bar sign humor

Thesaurus Sales Copy

Clever sales description for a thesaurus.

Mad Engineers vs Mad Scientists

It’s about time we engineers get the credit.

Arch Enemies

Having a nemesis is the keystone to a good feud…

Press B to Crouch

A little video game logic in the real world.

Ryu iPhone

If you have a cracked phone, you might as well have fun with it.

Work and Play

Great advice delivered in a creative way.

The Cosmic Adjuster

Sometimes the only thing that needs adjusting is perspective.

(from Jim Benton)