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Happy Fuel App

A site dedicated to sharing videos, images, and songs that will make you happy (or at least make you smile).

happy fuel me

The Nicest Place on the Internet

Having a rough day? Just visit the nicest place on the internet and start to feel better.


OhLife Time Capsule

Send an email to your future self. Great for motivation, congratulations, and general tomfoolery.

oh life time capsule

Here Is Today

Having a tough day? Put it in perspective.


Make Everything OK

A site that will make everything OK. Try it.



It’s Google search but with a different vernacular. Warning: Some NSFW text language may appear.


As a sidenote, Gizoogle considers me an “award-ballin speaker, trainer, lyricist n’ coach” for “Humor Dat Works.”

Draw a Stickman Epic

An app that allows you to draw your own stickman and then take him through a fantastical world you control.

draw a stickman

Pointer Pointer

A simple website that leads to hours (or maybe minutes) of fun. Pointer Pointer.

Hexadecimal Clock

A webapp (also available for download for Windows and Mac) where time is represented as a hexadecimal color.

hexadecimal clock

Hacker Typer

Have you ever want to type like a computer hacker but still have the text come out as something coherent? Check out Hacker Typer. Use one of their default files or upload your own, and start “hacking” away.

hacker typer