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Humor’s Office


Meet Hugh Moore. He’s that’s fun, engaging, amusing, charming, productive, motivating, and inspiring guy in your office. In fact, he’s now in every office.

Welcome to Humor’s Office, where you’ll find office humor that’s meant to cheer you up when things are down and make things right when it feels like there’s nothing left. Or just make you laugh when you need a break.

But Humor’s Office is more than just a site where you can strategically disengage–it’s also a repository of work-appropriate humor that you can share and use in your workplace. Doing a presentation and need a video demonstrating teamwork? Check. Kicking off a presentation and want an image that symbolizes your project? Got it. Writing an email and want to wrap-up your thoughts with a quote? You bet.

Humor’s Office is all about corralling video, images, text, and quotes that can help you have fun at work. If you’re interested in learning more about humor in the workplace, check out the sister site, Humor That Works.